Our curriculum caters to the age group 1 to 6 years, has been developed based on the principles of child development and Piaget’s theory of Intellectual development, multiple intelligence theory by Howard gardener, Montessori by Maria Montessori & play way method.

We provide you with a solution to give your child a better future.

The curriculum will focus on the holistic development through activities facilitating cognitive emotional, social and physical development. It will focus on hands on experience for children along with field trips, special days, culminating activities and learning through exploration.

Language & Literacy Skills
Numeracy Skills
Science Awareness Skills
Social Awareness Skills
General Knowledge Skills
Emotional and Behavioral Skills
Creative Skills
Physical Skills (Gross & Fine Motor Skills)

ETL Learning

This is supported by Total development program by ETL (Hongkong) based on Howard Gardener Theory of multiple intelligence.

A Total Development Program that helps you:

  • Make the most of the early years of your child Develop the habit of reading and love of learning in your child
  • Utilize the amount of time that your child-spends at-home more productively
  • Introduce your child to technology at an early age
  • Prepare your child for increasing competition
  • And above all, raise a well-rounded, happy and successful individual

The program focuses on three areas of development:

  • Knowledge: Stimulating their natural curiosity; encouraging questions and providing answers at their level
  • Skills: Developing their abilities to see, hear, speak and think into essential skills like reading, writing, math, computers, language, observation, imagination, listening, perception, logic, reasoning and decision-making
  • Values: Teaching basic values like honesty, obedience, sharing as well as subtle attitudes like being open-minded, responsible and accepting others, all at their level of understanding.

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