ETL Learning

This is supported by Total development program by ETL (Hongkong) based on Howard Gardener Theory of multiple intelligence.

A Total Development Program that helps you:

Make the most of the early years of your child Develop the habit of reading and love of learning in your child
Utilize the amount of time that your child-spends at-home more productively
Introduce your child to technology at an early age
Prepare your child for increasing competition
And above all, raise a well-rounded, happy and successful individual

The program focuses on three areas of development:

  • Knowledge: Stimulating their natural curiosity; encouraging questions and providing answers at their level
  • Skills: Developing their abilities to see, hear, speak and think into essential skills like reading, writing, math, computers, language, observation, imagination, listening, perception, logic, reasoning and decision-making
  • Values: Teaching basic values like honesty, obedience, sharing as well as subtle attitudes like being open-minded, responsible and accepting others, all at their level of understanding.

Class Activities

Date : 19 Dec 2014

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